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Things to Consider before Applying.

Living and working in South Korea can be one of the best experiences life has to offer. However, there are certain things that you should personally consider before making that commitment. The following are some suggestions that should help you determine if living and working in South Korea is right for you.

​Be prepared to commit yourself to a full year in Korea
A yearlong contract is a sizable amount of time in anyone’s life. All teaching contracts are for one calendar year. Consider all your personal obligations both financially and to family and friends. South Korea leads the world in cheap and reliable internet and tele-communications so staying in touch is very easy. However, if you find that you are too homesick or don’t want to miss family events this may be very difficult for you. While you have quite a bit of paid vacation time off heading all the way home often is quite unrealistic.

Before applying for teaching positions in South Korea, make sure you are free from leases and any other financial matters which require in person attention. Excellent internet access and English speaking staff at your bank makes handling personal finances rather easy from South Korea. Paying credit card bills, bank loans, mortgages, or wiring money home from South Korea is quite efficient and easy. But if you are trying to sell your house during the hiring process as an English teacher and are unsuccessful, that obligation will need to be settled before committing to a year away from home.


Have your affairs in order. Having to deal with situations back home while half way around the world at times can be difficult. It will take away from your experience and create unneeded hardship.

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