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Required Documents for Irish

* A copy of official and sealed transcript. This transcript is not required for visa processing in Korea. You may need a transcript copy for Korean Consulate/Embassy which you would contact for the actual visa stamp on your passport. You need to check with a particular Consulate/Embassy before you send out your passport/visa application. Different consulates may have different policy for the transcript. Please also make sure to check visa fee.

If you have any questions pertaining to the above instructions please email at for more detailed explanation.



From Ireland, you have two options. You can either get a notarized copy from your local Korean Consulate or Embassy, or an apostilled copy: You can go in person for the Korean Consulate/Embassy notarization or apostille, or you can take care of it by mail; you will need your original diploma for the notarization or apostille process. However, DO NOT send your original diploma to Seoul with your visa documents.

​Health Certificate

Please download the health statement. Please complete the form, sign the bottom and email us at your earliest convenience. The actual physical will take place here in Korea. The physical will consist of a routine physical, blood and urine test where they will check for controlled substance, STD, and HIV.

Passport Photos

Send us 2 and keep 2 for your visa application that you need to submit to the Korean Consulate.

Copy of Passport

The page with the photo.

Background Check

The best criminal background check in Ireland is a local criminal background check from your local police station (usually called a Certificate of Character) - make sure your criminal background check is within six months of starting in Korea). Also, make sure your criminal background check includes a sex offender check; typically it does, but make sure to double-check (it is important with Korean immigration). As well, it is always good to check with your local Korean Consulate to verify, things can change without notice:

Embassy of The Republic of Korea in Dublin, Ireland     
15 Clyde Road
Dublin 4
City: Dublin
Phone: (+353) 1 660 8800
Fax: (+353) 1 660 8716

Once you receive your local criminal background check, you first need to get it notarized locally by a local notary public or lawyer (of original criminal background check, no copies). After receiving your local notarization, you next need to get an apostille (of original criminal background check, again no copies); here is a link for apostilles in Ireland:

Please note that Criminal Background Check is supposed to be issued within 6 months from the date on which your visa is applied.

Signed Employment Contract

The final draft will be emailed to you once we have established where you will be working.

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