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EPIK (English Program in Korea) - Required Documents

The following documents are required in order for an applicant to be considered as an EPIK teacher.

Please refer to the descriptions below for more details and clarifications regarding the documents.

※ Download Detailed Required Document Guidelines - Required_Document.pdf

Completed Application Form

Successful applicants must submit two hard copies of the full, completed application form with the required documents. The application forms must be filled out entirely and correctly, with any changes to the application that were discussed during the interview properly addressed.

Three pages of the application require ink signatures: the additional personal information page, the self medical assessment, and the consent for verification of personal information page. Applicants must fill out the application electronically, print it off, and sign each of these three pages in ink where indicated.

One professional/passport quality photo of the applicant’s face and shoulders must also be attached to the first page of one copy of the application form, with a paper clip.

A copy of Bachelor's Diploma with Apostille Attached

Successful applicants must submit an apostilled copy of their Bachelor’s diploma. The apostille will be affixed to a copy of the diploma by the government agency issuing the apostille. EPIK cannot return any documents after they have been submitted, so please do not submit an original diploma with an apostille.

Canada does not adhere to the apostille convention. Therefore, Canadian applicants must

1) have their documents notarized by a public notary, then

2) submit that notarized copy to the nearest Korean consulate or embassy for final notarization.

Applicants who are current or recent students and have not received their original diploma at the time of application must obtain a “letter of expected graduation” from their school’s Registrar Office. The letter should describe their academic program and expected degree as well as the date by which they will complete the requirements for that degree. This will serve as a temporary replacement for an apostilled Bachelor’s diploma, which must be submitted as soon as possible after the original diploma has been issued.

Original Sealed Transcripts

You must submit one (1) copy of transcripts for each degree that determines your pay level (you must submit a minimum of at least Bachelor’s degree transcripts). Transcripts should account for all credits earned that were applied toward the degree. If you transferred schools, your transcripts should reflect the credits earned at every institution. If they do not, you must submit sealed transcripts from each institution where credits were obtained.

Although EPIK only requires applicants to submit one set of transcripts, some Korean consulates or embassies may also require sealed transcripts to be submitted with applications for E2 visas (inquire at the consulate or embassy where you will be obtaining your visa). Therefore, it would be prudent to order at least two sets of transcripts.

Transcripts must be sealed. Please DO NOT have the school mail transcripts to the EPIK office directly. Please submit the sealed transcripts along with the other documents.

Current or recent students who have not completed their studies by the time of application must submit a current copy of their transcripts when applying and then another copy of their complete transcripts as soon as their degree has been awarded.

Criminal Record Check (CRC)

The Criminal Record Check (also known as a “Police Certificate”) must be issued by your national police authority. CRCs issued by police authorities below the national level will not be accepted. The CRC cannot be older than 6 months from when you plan to apply for your visa (usually one month prior to the contract start date). Once you have the CRC, you must have an apostille affixed to the original by the appropriate government office and submit the apostilled original.

Applicants from the United States must submit an FBI background check. Please be aware that the FBI check can take up to 12 weeks to receive, so we advise that you apply for it early. The FBI does not issue apostilles for the background check; you will have to submit it to either the Department of State or your Secretary of State.

Country Criminal Record Check Agency Apostille Agency

United States


FBI CRC's should be apostilled by eitherthe Department of State or the applicant's state's Secretary of State (See attachment)


RCMP (Or a check based on the CPIC)

Not available.
Documents must be notarized by a public notary, and then authenticated at a Korean Consulate or Embassy.

United Kingdom

Disclosure Scotland or APCS

(Basic Disclosure)

Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO)


Garda Síochána

Department of Foreign Affairs



Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

New Zealand

Ministry of Justice

Department of Internal Affairs

South Africa


Department of International Relations & Cooperation (DIRCO)



Two Letters of Recommendation from Professional or Academic Sources

Applicants are required to submit the original hard copies of both letters of recommendation written by a professional acquaintance (e.g. supervisor, professor, director) that were submitted electronically with the initial application. The referee must have worked with the applicant in a supervisory role. Letters from friends, family members or co-workers will not be accepted. The letter must state the first and last name of the applicant. It should explain the writer’s relationship to the applicant (how long and in what capacity) and the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant relevant to teaching English in Korea. Letters of recommendation must be signed in ink, dated and contain an email address and the phone contact information of the writer. If possible, letters must also be written on the official letterhead of the institution of the writer. A template for acceptable letters of recommendation is available in the EPIK application instructions file. If there is no letterhead available, a business card must be included with the letter of recommendation.

Copy of Passport

Include a simple photocopy or scan of the photo page of your passport, preferably in color.


You must also submit a photocopy of all the documents/apostilles you submit along with the actual originals/apostilles.  The only document which will not have copies is your transcripts, which must remain sealed.

Important Note: When copying apostilled documents, you may fold the document, but DO NOT remove the staple or detach the apostille after it has been affixed by the government office. If an apostille appears to have been removed and reattached to the document, it is considered invalid.

Korean Criminal Record Check (only for Applicants applying within Korea)

Visit a main law enforcement branch (district or provincial branch) and ask for a Korean Criminal Record Check for “personal use” (개인용).  You should only need your Alien Registration Card and the required fee, but it would be best to call ahead of time to check and see if additional documents are required.  The process takes approximately 10-15 minutes, including the time needed to fill out the paperwork, and the results will either be given to you that day or mailed to your house.  Processing times can be different from district to district.  It would be best to go with someone who speaks Korean (co-teacher, friend, etc.).

Optional Documents

Copies of Teaching Certificate or Certification [TEFL (100+ hours), TESOL (100+ hours), Teacher’s Certificate, Etc] : a minimum 100 hours TEFL or TESOL with at least a 20 hour offline, in-class component (CELT/CELTA, TEFL/TESL/TESOL - must be at least 100 hours with at least a 20 hour offline, in class component being highly recommended, Teacher Certificate, etc.)

Submit a copy of any English-as-a-second-language (ESL) certifications before arrival, and bring the original(s) with you to Korea. Diplomas/certificates must clearly state the number of hours for the course. If they do not, the applicant must provide proof of the number of hours (e.g., by submitting transcripts, a letter from the course director, or a copy of an online description of the course). If you are in the process of completing an ESL certificate, please be sure that your coordinator or recruiting agency is aware of this and send a copy of the final certificate as soon as you have completed the program. Busan will only acknowledge TESOL/TEFL certificates that contain at least a 60 hour offline, in-class component.

If you have a teaching license, submit a photocopy of it and bring the original with you to Korea. Teaching licenses must be current and valid for the duration of the EPIK contract in order for applicants to be eligible for a higher pay level.

Proof of Full-Time Teaching Experience

Proof of teaching experience letters should be on official letterhead and state your full name and clearly state that your employment has been full-time and for how long (including specific start and finish dates) and in what capacity as well as what levels and subjects were taught. Letters from co-workers are not sufficient to prove teaching experience; letters must be issued by the appropriate school administration office, principal or vice-principal.

To qualify a teacher for a higher pay level, proof of teaching experience letters must prove at least one full “academic year” of teaching experience. In the case of private institutes (such as hagwons), you will want to be sure that the dates stated on the letter show that you have completed a one-year, 365-day contract. If you are in your last month of the contract, it is sufficient to have your school indicate only the months, not the days, that you have completed (e.g. from January 2007 to December 2007). If you are currently teaching and still too far away from completing your contract to acquire the necessary letter, you will have to submit the letter separately, as soon as you are able. A template for acceptable proof of teaching experience letters is available in the EPIK application instructions file.

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