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EPIK (English Program in Korea) 

EPIK, affiliated to the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology was established in 1995 with the missions to improve the English speaking abilities of students and teachers in Korea, to develop cultural exchanges, and to reform English teaching methodologies in Korea.

EPIK further extends invitations to responsible, enthusiastic native English speakers who are motivated to share knowledge with students and teachers. If you are looking for jobs in teaching, EPIK will be a great choice.
Through EPIK, English language education will cultivate open-minded and well-rounded Korean individuals capable of advancing Korea in this age of information and globalization. In doing so, EPIK will promote cultural exchange and foster strong ties between Korea and other countries. If you wish to explore the world, teach English in Korea. You will be rewarded.


Be a citizen of a country where English is the primary language

• According to E2 visa law, EPIK teachers should have a citizenship from one of the following countries: Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States, and South Africa.

• Must have studied from the Junior High level (7th Grade) and graduated from a university in one of the seven designated countries listed above. EPIK teachers must also have resided for at least 10 years or more in a country where English is the primary Language.

• Ethnic Koreans with legal residency in a country where English is the primary language can apply, but must provide proof of English education beginning from the Junior high school level.

Hold a minimum of a Bachelor's degree from an accredited university

* Applicants with a two year associate degree or have completed a minimum of 2 years in university can apply to the TaLK program. (

Be mentally and physically healthy

Have a good command of the English language

Have the ability and willingness to adapt to Korean culture and lifestyle

* If you are a male citizen of the Republic of Korea under the age of 35, you must have either completed
  mandatory military service or have received an official waiver.
For more information about the mandatory military service that all Korean males are obliged to complete, please consult the following link (

Pay Scale

SMOE (Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education) Pay Scale

Please download Seoul Pay Scale.pdf



The Benefits section lists those benefits available equally to all levels of EPIK teachers.

• Settlement Allowance - 300,000 KRW (one-time payment)
All EPIK teachers, regardless of level, will be provided with a settlement allowance of 300,000 KRW within the first month of their first contract only.


• Free Furnished Housing
- A leased house/apartment/studio-type room as well as basic household goods will be provided by the host POE.

- Basic household goods include: a bed, a table and chairs, a wardrobe, a gas stove, a refrigerator, a washing
  machine, a microwave oven, and a TV set.
- Utilities and maintenance fees are not provided for and are the responsibility of the EPIK teachers.
- Due to variations in housing costs in different regions of Korea, the size and location of the supplied housing
  can vary from POE to POE.
- If housing is unavailable, a monthly rent subsidy of 400,000 KRW will be provided by the host POE, in lieu of free furnished housing.


• Severance Pay
  All EPIK teachers, regardless of level, who successfully complete a one-year contract will be entitled to receive
  severance pay. Severance pay is equal to approximately one month's salary.


• Entrance Allowance
- All EPIK teachers, regardless of level, will be provided with 1,300,000 KRW of Entrance Allowance.
- To prevent early termination of contracts, the Entrance Allowance is issued as a form of a loan from the employer
  to the EPIK teachers. In the event that the contract is terminated within six (6) months of its implementation,
  including renewal contracts, regardless of course or grounds, the EPIK teachers will repay the above- mentioned
  loan to the EPIK office immediately.


• Renewal Allowance
2,000,000 KRW will be provided upon successful completion and renewal of your contract with the same POE. In this case, the other allowances (Settlement, Entrance, and Exit) do not apply.


• Compulsory Medical Insurance - 50% of your premiums paid by your employer
Pursuant to the National Medical Insurance Act, 50% of your medical insurance premiums will be paid by your host POE. Current medical insurance premiums total approximately 4.31% of your salary and are payable monthly. Half of this amount, about 2.1%, will be paid by your host POE, with the remaining amount being deducted from your monthly salary. This medical insurance will allow you to receive medical attention and prescription medicines at a fraction of their original cost. In the event that EPIK teachers have dependents living with them in Korea, their host POE will continue to pay 50% of their medical insurance premiums for both the EPIK teacher and his/her dependents.


• EPIK Orientation - An excellent transition and networking opportunity
- All EPIK teachers, regardless of level, will receive orientation and training related to living and teaching in Korea.
  During this orientation, EPIK teachers will be exposed to various subject areas and activities.
- The orientation is conducted by EPIK at the orientation place prior to your contract start date.
- The orientation period is not included in the term of employment and, as such, is unpaid.
- Orientation is mandatory for all EPIK teachers. If you are not present at the orientation, you will not be eligible
  for employment.
- Lodging and meals will be provided during the orientation free of charge for all EPIK teachers.

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