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GEPIK (Gyeonggi English Program In Korea) 

Gyeonggi-do (Korean pronunciation: [kjʌŋ.ɡ]) is the most populous province in South Korea. Its name, Gyeonggi means "the area surrounding capital". Thus Gyeonggi-do can be translated as "province surrounding Seoul". 


Gyeonggi-do is an amazing place where one minute you could find yourself amongst South Korea’s wonderful shopping centers and restaurants and the next minute submerged in the tranquility of Buddhist temples with fresh water streams peacefully passing you by as you stretch your legs for a long mountain hike. Interconnected with Seoul's vast and convenient subway and bus lines you're always within reach of something new and exciting.

Gyeonggi-do is South Korea’s fastest growing province boasting more satellite cities than anywhere else on the peninsula. A popular area for growing families and a rich cultural heritage it is also South Korea’s largest and busiest school board, Gyeonggi-do English Program in Korea- GEPIK. The GEPIK program is a progressive school district with aims at staffing all public schools from elementary through high school with Native English Speaking teachers for the foreign language programs. Well funded and staffed the GEPIK program offers some of the best benefits, and salaries in all of South Korea. GEPIK teachers are also afforded the most generous vacation days as well, giving teachers plentiful time to explore the dynamic culture and the region of Gyeonggi-do province has to offer.

The Gepik program is currently accepting applications for open teaching positions throughout Gyeonggi-do for the native English speaking teaching positions at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. Successful applicants can expect a generous benefits package including monthly salary, settlement allowance, single housing, round trip airfare, health insurance, pension, and contract completion bonus(severance pay). With a working schedule that includes only 22 teaching hours per week and over 30 paid vacation day per year you’re bound to find that GEPIK program the best of ESL teaching programs.

As the only official partners of the GEPIK program, Park English invites you to Teach with GEPIK in 2014!

Click here to see what you need to prepare. :)


Applicant must register here and fill in self medical check form.

NOTE : you must sign self medical check form and application form before you send your original document to us.

Resume (Cover Letter)

Resume must be formal and appropriate for applying public school teaching job. Education background and full time teaching experience must be clearly states on your resume and cover letter must be included.

​BA and MA Diploma (notarized copy only)

GEPIK applicant must have 3~4 years BA qualification or above and applicants must provide notarized (Apostilled) copy of BA and MA diploma.

NOTE : Please avoid to obtain Apostille stamp on Original BA/MA diploma because GEPIK won't return your diploma if you submit the original copy

NOTE : If you submit a letter of graduation as a proof, you must submit copy of BA diploma + Apostille stamp (You can't bring original BA diploma for orientation) later.

Two Officially Sealed Transcripts (BA and MA)

Officially Sealed Academic Transcripts must be provided and applicant must provide MA or Doctorate transcript as well (if it is applicable). We need two sealed transcripts because Korean immigration and school are requesting applicant's transcript.

Teaching Certification or Language Certificate (TESOL or TEFL or CELTA)

Certified teacher must provide notarized copy of teaching certification and Language certificate such as TESOL or TEFL course must be more than 100 hrs credit otherwise it won't effect on your salary level (TESOL certificate is mandatory for every GEPIK candidate unless you are English or Education related major holder).

Three Copies of Contract

We will provide you a copy of contract and you need to make three copies and every page must be signed before sending it to us.

Here is the 2013 GEPIK contract.

Criminal Record (Only national level of CRC is acceptable such as FBI & RCMP)

Notarized (Apostillized) criminal background check (FBI or RCMP) is valid only for 6 months after it issued.

Web Search Result of Criminal Record Check is not Acceptable and CRC must clearly state that “No Record” or “No record founded” on the statement.

How to obtain FBI Criminal Background check (

Go to the DOCS Tab and select your country for more details.

Two Reference Letters

Professional recommendation letter (original copy only). Friend or close relative can't issue this reference letter. Academic Professor or employer should issue this letter and letter must have letter head and contact information with signature on.

NOTE: Recommendation letters must be original including issuer's signature

Letter of full-time teaching experience proof

Applicant must provide an official letter from previous employer in order to proof applicant's full-time teaching experience. Copy of visa or copy of contract will not be acceptable and period of employment and "full-time employee" should be stated on your letter.

Only one full year of experience will be considered as a full time teaching experience (for better salary criteria).

Only Employment verification from Public school or District Office of Education will be accepted for experience proof (for teaching employment in Korea) and letter from Hagwon is not acceptable due to GEPIK policy.

Two passport sized photos

You need to prepare several passport photos because you will need after you arrive in South Korea. You need to paste your one passport size photo on your application.

Self Medical Check form for immigration office (If it's applicable).

Self medical check form need to be filled in and send to Park English Office. Any candidate who will apply for E2 visa at Korean Immigration office must fill in this form in order to apply E2 visa at Korean immigration office.

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